BAD (Business Analyst Development) Workshop

This Workshop takes the Business Analyst to the next level of professionalism. Having been equipped with the basic ‘tools of the trade’ on the Systems Development Workshop and having gained some practical experience in that field, the Business Analyst is now ready to get involved in higher level Business Analysis activities

As with the Systems Development Workshop, a large amount of practical work is involved, mostly in teams, but there are also some additional individual assignments on this Workshop

We cover a number of techniques that would typically be done as stand-alone courses, making the total package most attractive from both the cost and logistics points of view.

Subjects covered in true Workshop style (Theory with examples, followed by practical work with feedback on performance and the provision of templates that can afterwards be applied ‘on the job’)

• Profile of a Business Analyst – responsibilities and skill requirements
• Feasibility Studies (sometimes called Business Case) development
• “Refresher” of the basic tools taught on the Systems Development Workshop, especially Data Flow Diagrams, Data gathering, Documentation and Entity Relationship Diagrams
• Facilitating skills in the Business Analysis area
• Use case development, Business Process Modeling and Business Specifications. The basics of Object Oriented Analysis and Design (UML)
• Project Management
• Strategic Planning
• Change Management
• Business Writing Skills
• Problem Solving
• Decision Analysis
• JAD (Joint Applications Development)
• Testing and quality – the methodology and supporting techniques
• Mentoring / Coaching
• Accelerated Learning and personal development. There is a strong emphasis on the development of the individual