SAD (Systems Development Workshop)

Systems Development Workshop
Sound Business Solutions!
This is the ultimate aim of the Systems Developer. But those kind of solutions do not happen by accident. So – you can either buy a “Silver Bullet” and shoot it at the Organisation in the hope that the “hormones” will provide the solution, or you can learn the Tools, Techniques and Methods which will consistently produce those kind of results. Radical Training suggests the second method and we have the Workshop that achieves exactly those results.

What can you hope to learn on this Workshop?
The entire Information Engineering life Cycle is covered in true “Workshop” style, with delegates working in teams on practical case studies. Their aim for the week is in fact to produce a “Sound Business Solution” for the main Case Study.

Method of Tuition
1  Theory with examples in the Classroom
2  Practical work with support in Teams
3  Feedback on performance

1   Gathering and recording Information using structured methods
2   Practical Interviewing
3   Inter-personal skills – “The Human Interface”
4   Structured Documentation methods
5   Systems life cycles:  Traditional waterfall, UML Roadmap, Incremental and AGILE.  We teach mainly AGILE techniques and concepts
6   Functional Analysis – Data Flow Diagrams down to mini-specification level and Use Case development
7   Logical Systems Modelling
8   Outline (Business) Design
9   Detailed Design overview
10 The Structured Specification
11 Relational Data Analysis – Entity Relationship Diagrams
12 Communication – Written/verbal
13 Cost/Benefit Analysis
14 JAD
15 Structured Walkthroughs
16 Presentations
17 Quality Assurance Techniques
18 System Controls
19 Business Process modelling

Brief details
An intensive, five day Workshop covering the entire Information Engineering Life Cycle. The typical audience is a mix from both the business and technical areas. The main thrust of the Workshop is to illustrate how a business person can specify requirements for a system down to the granularity required by a technical person.